Premium quality two stroke engine oil blended with refined base oil and carefully selected additive package, This highly viscosity index oil provides excess protection to the new generation two-stroke engines. Recommended for all 2-stroke engines in Mopeds. Scooters, Motor cycles, Three wheelers, Generators.
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High detergent crank case oil designed for automotive diesel engines operating un severe conditions. Formulated with highly refined & high viscosity index oils with low ash dispersant and metal organic detergent additives. Suitable for all Heavy duty engines in tractors, trucks, commercial passenger vehicles.
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Recommended for 4 stroke motorcycles. High quality multrigrade formula developed for all type of modern & imported turbo-charged diesel & petrol engines. Appropriate viscosity at all operating temperatures and conditions, especially at cold starting and high ambient temperatures. Ensures better lubrications. Cleans carbon deposits formed in combustion chamber. Prevents degradation and sludge formation of the...
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